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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 20:57

I could not join any test series because of lack of time as I am preparing along with Job. This time I am going to join Insights from very first .

QUESTION PAPER: UPSC Civil Services Preliminary

78. In a race, a competitor has to collect 6 apples which are kept in a straight line On a track and a bucket is placed at the beginning of the track which is a starting point. The condition is that the competitor can pick only one apple at a time, run back with it and drop it in the bucket. If he has to drop all the apples in the bucket, how much total distance he has to run if the bucket is 5 meters from the first apple and all other apples are placed 8 meters apart ?

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Hi Simran, I know you were a regular student of Insights!!!!!!!!!!!! As you have rightly said ppl who have posted marks just as 685+ or more hardly more than 855 or 955 ppl. Your score is really good. You have made a right deision not to attempt more. Becoz I have scored last year 656 missed by being general category. I hope 655 is safe score please start preparing for the best

59. A cube has all its faces painted with different colours. It is cut into smaller cubes of equal sizes such that the side of the small cube is one-fourth the big cube. The number of small cubes with only one of the sides painted is:

ENGLISH (COMPULSORY) was lengthy and I think it would have been difficult for those aspirants who hail from Hindi or other regional medium. For English medium candidates like me it was comparatively easier however, HINDI (COMPULSORY) was difficult for me especially the precis and the passage. The passage for the precis was so difficult with mouthful words that I haven 8767 t even heard. I don 8767 t think that such tough words are used in spoken Hindi at all. Other parts were fine. My attempt was about 755+ in Hindi and 796 in English (I didn 8767 t know the meanings of certain words and certain antonyms).

I don 8767 t think this would suffice the statement. I think, they are asking as to how Gandhi adapted himself to changes/challenges he faced and what results they produced.

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79. In a class of 65 students, where the number of girls is twice that of boys, Kamal, a boy, ranked seventeenth from the top. If there are 9 girls ahead of Kamal, the number of boys in rank after him is:

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6. Political executive is an obstacle to the accountability of the civil services to the society
7. In the present framework of Indian polity, the political executive is no longer accountable to the society

you say as CHIDU, it 8767 s . but you are writing GANDHIJI as merely GANDHI- it 8767 s wrong and not acceptable. atleast pay some gratitude to him.

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Bhai..mai sirf insight hi follow karta hu no vision any other IAS COACHING FACTORIES.. 8776 8776 INSIGHTS IS TEMPLE FOR ME 8776 8776 any other forum nd my score contribution goes only for insight test series

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