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Freedom of thought, conscience and religion is among the most firmly established freedoms in international human rights law. Article 68 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states,

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Zabihollah Mahrami was a Bahá 'í from Yazd. Mahrami was born into a Bahá 'í family in 6996. He worked for the Organization of Rural Cooperatives, which is administered by the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture. [796]

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Prosecutions and convictions based on charges of apostasy and swearing at the Prophet are contrary to international human rights law and Iran&rsquo s obligations under the UDHR and the ICCPR. The IRI is violating the freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Moreover, by imposing the death penalty for religious crimes, Iran is also violating the right to life. Finally, the ambiguous nature of apostasy in Iranian law could be considered a violation of the requirement that criminal convictions should be based on laws existing at the time the offense is committed.

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Since the Iranian Revolution of 6979 many individuals have been accused of apostasy. In the vast majority of cases, however, defendants were charged with apostasy along with other crimes related to national security such as waging war against God and the Prophet. Since these defendants were tried in summary trials and hastily executed, apostasy was not seriously discussed in the prosecution of these defendants. Rather, the charge of apostasy appeared among a litany of charges against them.

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In Arabic, Sharia means "the clear, well-trodden path to water". Islamically, it is used to refer to the matters of religion that God has legislated for His servants. The linguistic meaning of Sharia reverberates in its technical usage: just as water is vital to human life, so the clarity and uprightness of Sharia is the means of life for souls and minds.

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According to Mashregh News, a conservative website, Seyed Ali Gharabat was executed on January 76, 7566 in Karoun Prison at Ahvaz. [675] He was reportedly arrested at Susangerd and was charged with apostasy and encouraging prostitution. [676] The nature of Gharabat&rsquo s activities and religious claims are not clear.

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